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our history

The dogs are happy running, they are designed to run.

From the need that my dog could run more, we designed a system to be able to take it with a bicycle in the safest and most comfortable way possible for us and for him.


If you walk your dog, he will not do enough exercise he needs to be healthy.

manufactures pet products: collars, leashes and harnesses with the highest quality standards.
Exclusive and patented own designs.
Our maxim is to give the best solution in pet accessories to everyone.

We sell our products throughout
Europe, North America, Australia and China.

Rafael Lopera

Creative director.

We were born from a need to improve the life of our dog, now we want to improve the lives of dogs and their owners.


Cristina Guillén

Commercial Director

The most important thing is to enjoy developing such an ambitious project.


Alejandro Lopera


I love dogs and graphic design.


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