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Top 10 sports with your dog

Here you will get 6 tips for different types of dog sports in which you and your dog can participate. Taking it together is a great way to have fun with your dog and you will notice that your dog becomes more aware of you in different situations agility Agility is a fast and fun sport for dogs and drivers. Agility came to Denmark in the mid-1980s and quickly became a very popular sport. It is based on the close cooperation between the dog and the driver. The driver must show the dog the way through a series of jumps, tunnels, slalompines and balance pumps, and there is speed in the field! In this sport, you compete individually and in teams, and in all classes the dogs are divided according to size groups: small, medium and large. Competition classes are available in different degrees of difficulty from Classes I to III and there are also pure jump classes where tactile field obstacles are not included. Your dog must have at least 18 months before it should go to the competition. Lydighed Within obedience, the performance of the dog is evaluated in the various exercises. The driver should tell the dog with great help how to do it, and it requires a lot of training. The individual exercises consist of: cover, call, free on foot and tires in progress. In obedience, you compete in four classes (I, II, III and Elite) and the level of difficulty increases gradually. Obedience is a quality contest in which you win the first, second or third prize according to the number of points your dog has and the location obtained in comparison with the other participants. If you have a first prize in a class, you can move on to the next class, if you wish. The dogs that obtain the first prize in Classes I and II and three first prizes in Class III of at least two different judges will be titled Danish Obedience Champion (DKLPCH). Dogs without a pedigree are called Danish Obedience Master (DKLPM). Brugshundetræning Behind this name there is a variety of different types of training. One can, for example, Go to competition in search, obedience and defense at three different levels. In general, it takes a lot of training to move from one level to another. flyball Do you have a dog that loves balls? Then it could be the sport for you! It is a very fast and friendly sport for the public. Flyball is a team competition that takes place as a team race in two lanes that are parallel to each other. The first dog runs, runs through four obstacles and to a box (a flyball machine) that is at the end of the track. The box contains a ball and to activate the ball, the dog must press the pot with a pedal. The dog must grab the ball and run in the same manner over the four obstacles and above the finish line before the next dog can be sent. The driver must not enter the track with his dog, but he must control the dog with his voice. Attract the lure Lure Coursing is first and foremost a coin sport. It is, in other words, a simulated hare hunt where a hare must imagine the hair. The "course" is usually a suitable natural area, which is more or less mountainous. The dogs are released two and two of their drivers and run behind the 'hair', which is in a barn driven by an engine. The clothes are stretched between some rolls, which causes the "hair" to move in sharp curves and zigzag through the terrain. Two judges rated the dog's speed, enthusiasm, intelligence, agility and endurance. The course is usually between 600 and 1000 meters long, and allows the dogs to stretch correctly. They can reach 60 km per hour. Udstilling Beauty contest or not? The dog show is about quality assessment, where the judges will judge a breeding result. They do not decide if their dog is suitable to be used in the breeding or not, but the dog is shown to the judge, who simply judges its quality with a prize. Dogs are judged first against the breed standard. If the quality award is a first prize (red ribbon), you and your dog can compete more against the other dogs that also have a red ribbon. It is first of all the anatomy of the dog, which is judged. That is, how it is constructed, the details of race and temperament. It also plays a fairly important role in the presentation of the dog. The dog must be clean, brushed and trimmed or cut if it is relevant to your particular breed. The dog should also be able to sit still in a dental show and be able to run well in an exhibition line to show his movements correctly. The dogs are judged first in their own race and the one that receives BOB (the best in the breed) passes the group and melancholy of BIG (best in the group). Dogs that are made

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