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The dog breeds with more energy

The dog breeds are very different. They vary in size, colors, mood, exercise needs. Some breeds are a better option for families with children than others (but no dog should be described as suitable for children). Other dog breeds are created to scare or attack an attacker. Some dogs are suitable for use dogs, others are exclusively corporate dogs.What breed of dog is right for you? Before you start thinking about what dog you want, consider who is the owner: So who are you? you like to do? What lifestyle do you have? Do you like to go hiking? Are you an active person or a couch? It is said that dogs are similar to their owners. The comic comparisons between the dog and the owner are well known to the majority. Back to the case; Before choosing which breed of dog you want, you need to know a little about yourself. What lifestyle is what you want? If you have a Siberian husky you must have a lot of time and energy to give your dog a sport. On the other hand, you can not expect an English bulldog to travel with you on difficult walks several times a week. Now you understand the drawing. Before you start thinking about which dog will take you, you must first know what lifestyle you want to have in the next 12-17 years of your life. Find a breed of dog that suits your lifestyle. Once you've thought about The lifestyle you want in the next few years, it's time to find a dog breed that fits you well. A website called All Dog Breeds makes it easy to find dog breeds by size, temperament, health and application. For example, you can refine by size. Some are giants, like Irish Wolf, others are small, like Bichon Frize. Mercy and behavior are essential. It is a fact that some dog breeds in general are easier to do than others. Some breeds are more suitable for experienced dog owners, while other breeds are more suitable for new dogs. Some are child-friendly and others have a tendency to be skeptical of strangers. The use is perhaps the most relevant. You must have a companion dog, a work dog, a walking companion or an "all dog". Some dog breeds are suitable especially for guards, military tasks, dog races, hunting or riddles. Choose the dog breed primarily with regard to what you should use (and not use) your dog. Experiences with dog breeds This site, has compiled experiences of owners of different breeds of dogs. These experiences can be useful to discover typical breed things, but they can not be specified in simple text in the description of the breed. Choose a challenge based on the dog on the criteria Here are some useful pages where you can establish some criteria for what is looking and you will get a result with the breeds of dogs that match these criteria: Hunderase gives you an overview of the breeds of dogs that suit you. See which dogs are the most suitable, for example, families with children, how big is the dog or if it is suitable as a watchdog. All dog breeds have a search service where you can search for breeds of dogs based on criteria such as short hair, hypoallergenic properties, hunting properties or if it is suitable as a guard dog. The site has collected more than 7000 breed and breed hybrids. If you are going to find a breed of dog, the two services are fine to use. Are you ready to have a dog in your life? Finally, we want to remind you that the sweet puppy goes to grow and grow. Of course, everyone knows, but many are surprised by the amount of work and time a dog takes. Do not get a dog if you're not 100 percent sure you're ready for the task. Talk to breeders and dog owners to get the most knowledge about dog breeds that are relevant to you. Use only serious breeders to ensure that breeders have done their best to deliver healthy dogs with a desirable temperament. The dog may be the best human friend, but a responsible team of dogs is necessary. In the wrong hands, even small dogs can cause fatal injuries to humans. There have been many tragic destinations that could have been avoided if the owner of the dog had taken responsibility. The dog is also a predator, and knowledge about the dog and dog team is very important. We hope you will find a breed of dog that suits you and your lifestyle. RUNNING: share your experiences about dog breeds with The others. Your experience with dog breeds can be useful for others trying to figure out which breed of dog they should choose. Do not forget to write about the breeds of dogs with which you already have experience. You can enter f

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